Well Established Day home located central N.E
My philosophy: Each child is so unique and all children should be treated with LOVE and Respect & to have fun, laugh and play!
I run my day home as if each child was my own. I am close to following districts: Beddington, Huntington Hills, Thorncliff, Greenview and Highland Park. 
 -Offer the best of homemade meals, fresh fruits and veggies will incorporate special food request. 
-Excellent prices and tax receipts given. 
-Learning at all ages, never too young to start. 
-Safety a number 1 priority in my home. 
-Extended hours of 6-6 daily except on stats. 
I do have a detailed schedule of what a day at my day home looks like. 

Feel free to email me.

Central NW

Big Smiles Day Home
"13 years old experienced day-home provider has openings in Calgary N.W."
More than 13 years’ experience with infants and toddlers (9 years with accredited day home agency). 
Now have openings – available for 5 days a week.
Level one family child care, first aid and CPR, Health and security clearances,
Pet free, Smoke free Home.
Separate bedrooms for naps.
Structured and productive day plan includes play yoga, arts &crafts, story reading and free play etc.
References available
Contact Rhonda @ 403 703 3039 or 403 295 2638 for more information