Average Day Home Rates Charged in Calgary

Monthly Full Time $850 - $1200/month

Daily Rates or Part Time $50 - $65/day

Before and After School Care $25 -$35/day

*rates above are based on actual day homes in Calgary who took part in a survey given towww.dayhomesincalgary.com*


There are three different kinds of potential child care available within the Province of Alberta:

Private Day Home, Daycare Centre, Approved Family Day Home

What is a Private Day Home?

A day home or sometimes referred to as private babysitting is a private residence that independently provides care for children. These are allowed to have 6 children plus the operator's children to be cared for in a private babysitting arrangement. Parents are responsible for screening and monitoring of private caregivers. No subsidy is available in private babysitting situations.

When choosing a private care arrangement parents should be allowed to complete a safety check of the home, this includes viewing all rooms in the prospective home and the outdoor play area.

Parents are encouraged to request both a criminal record check and an Intervention Check for all individuals over the age of 18 years residing in the home they are placing their children. Parents should be able to visit their child unannounced at any time of day. The parent should be permitted to enter the home at drop off and pick-up times

What is a Daycare Centre?

A daycare centre provides developmentally appropriate care for groups of children 0-6 years of age and offers year-round, full-time or part-time daycare. Every daycare centre in Alberta must be licensed or approved by Alberta Children’s Services. The license must be posted in the centre and it means the centre meets minimum standards set by the provincial government. Parents whose children are enrolled in a licensed daycare are eligible to apply for subsidy. Regulations require all staff provide a criminal record check and an Intervention Check prior to starting employment.

What is an Approved Family Day Home?

A family day home is a private residence that has been screened and approved by an Agency contracted by Alberta Children’s Services. The provincial government sets standards of care to be maintained in all approved family day homes. These standards restrict the number of children in care to no more than six children 12 years or younger, including the provider’s children and no more than two children can be under two years of age or three children under the age of three. Parents whose children are enrolled in a family day home are eligible to apply for subsidy.

Standards require a criminal record check and an Intervention Check be provided for all individuals over the age of 18 years residing in the home.

Examples of interview questions you should ask your potential Child Care Providers

Do you have a police clearance and CWIS (Child Welfare Information Services) check done? Available through Child & Family Services Authority Office (Social Services)
What kind of activities and/or daily schedules will my child be doing?
What kind of food will be provided? or Should I provide my own food?
Is your Infant and Child First Aid & CPR up to date?
Who else will be around my child?
What other children will be here? 
How many other children will you take care of?
Will your child have someone to play with?
What are your methods of discipline?
I would never send my child if he/she was sick. Will my child be exposed to sick children?
Will you be driving my child anywhere? 
Do all of your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors work?

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