Lake Bonavista.

Welcome to Robyn's Nest Dayhome!

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We are a small dayhome located in Lake Bonavista. We run the dayhome to resemble a family atmosphere, we play together, laugh, dance and bake together! We want your child to feel safe, cared for, and to have fun! We have a 4 level split home, with a dedicated play area for the kids. We use our entire home for dancing, quiet book reading, and a craft area. We also offer separate rooms for nap time if needed. We follow a basic routine to provide consistency in the children’s day, however we have lots of free play, dress up, crafts, play-doh, dancing, baking and games. We also have TONS of outdoor time, as we have a large play structure in our backyard, as well as a bouncy castle, sand box, scooters, sports etc. We often frequent close by playgrounds when the weather is nice. In addition we will have an outing once or twice a month to the library, tumble time or the zoo. Each month we work on one large projects, and have a smaller craft daily which are not only fun, they help develop fine motor skills. Older children will have the opportunity to work on workbooks to help them get ready for kindergarten. We offer 2 meals, and 2 snacks daily, most of the food is organic. We use free range organic eggs, fruits, veggies from our garden, homemade bread and buns, jams, etc.

We also offer before and after school care for kindergarteners and grades 1-4. As I can also provide transportation for children to and from school or preschool in and around Lake Bonavista, Parkland or Acadia.

I have my Infant and Adult CPR and First Aid, and criminal record check. (My husband has both as well).

If we sound like a good fit for your child, then please send us an email at

Please note, we only accept children 2 and over