Approved Dayhome with Child Development Dayhomes

If you're looking for childcare close to the community of Tuxedo, consider Luz's Approved Family Dayhome with Child Development Dayhomes. Luz is an experienced Educator with a background working in the daycare setting. Her lovely play space is set up on the main floor of her home, offering a wide variety of toys and activities for the children to choose from. Child Development Dayhomes is an approved and accredited Dayhome Agency, dedicated to helping you find the perfect dayhome to meet your childcare needs. Our mission is for you to have "Peace of Mind" knowing your child is receiving quality childcare while you are away at work or school. SUBSIDY AVAILABLE. An approved Dayhome offers parents big advantages. For example: 1. Parents have a support team for emergency care and caregiver sick days. 2. Only approved dayhomes can provide government subsidy. 3. Assurance that the Dayhome is being monitored for compliance with government dayhome standards 4. You choose the location of your dayhome based on your needs or convenience.

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