Sugar and Spice Child Care
Your children will love our small group of playmates in our home atmosphere. Low child to adult ratio provides lots of individual attention.
We are focused on learning and laughing.  Our educational tools provide learning at different levels and ages.  Our educational toys and games are FUN and create a sense of pride as each lesson is completed.  The computerized activity booklets are categorized into areas of math, puzzle and thinking, reading and science. Some examples are insect classification, matching animals to their habitats, grammar and fill in the blanks, graphing and counting, mazes, patterns and go togethers.
We take time to explore nature whether it is planting in the garden, observing an ants nest, or watching tooth picks float down the sidewalk.  These simple activities spark questions and different points of view from the eye of your child. Other activities include dress up, building with blocks, story telling and reading. 
Safety is top priority. I have my first aid and police clearance.  During my 14 years in business I am proud to say we have been accident free.
We are located in Whitehorn and service families from Marlborough, Pineridge, Taradale, Martindale, Temple and Rundle.
I truly love what I do for a living and look forward to the unique dynamic your child will bring to our group.

Contact: or Sherri at 403 452 9889.